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Course Management & Golf Tournament Preparation

in Murrieta, Temecula, and Carlsbad

As a caddy for many years, my livelihood was controlled by how well my clients played. Because of this, I have created a system to help golfers prepare for rounds and tournaments, as well as a system to help you practice with a purpose.

Tournament Preparation Round $300

  • This includes:

    • Explanation of statistics around proper club choice.

    • Decision making on tee shots and approach shots.

    • Help finding low and high fall lines to help with tournament green reading.

    • Preparing for different pin locations, including how to manage misses around the greens to ensure more up and downs.

    • Discussion of wind, how it affects shots, and how to better gauge.

    • Learning about the rough and how your ball will react from different lies in the rough to ensure we do not catch an unwanted flyer lie. 

    • Any necessary help with golf swing, putting stroke, chipping technique to immediately help with confidence. This will be minimal and simple as not to make any significant changes before tournament or interfere with your current coach's teachings.

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