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Lessons & Putter Fittings

in Murrieta, Temecula, and Carlsbad

1-Hour Private Putter Fitting $100 (fitting is free with purchase of Evnroll putter)


Fitting is done outside in an uncontrolled environment to ensure you get the best fitting possible and are able to see the results of finding a putter that matches your putting stroke. We will fit loft, lie, hosel offset, balance of putter face, grip, length, putter path, and more. EVNROLL putters range from $420 plus tax to $470 plus tax depending on model and color.


1-Hour Private Putting Lesson Options $175 per hour

  • Foundation Lesson:  We'll establish a strong foundation by focusing on alignment, equipment fit, and the importance of using a line while putting. Using the state-of-the-art EVNROLL putter fitting kit, we will ensure that you have the perfect putter to suit your unique putting style and needs.

  • Distance Control Lesson: The lesson will focus on developing a consistent putting tempo, learning to control distance using a guide, understanding the significance of your distance to the hole, and practicing specific drills to achieve these objectives.

  • Green Reading Lesson: We'll develop a process to improve your green reading skills, utilizing the innovative to see how slope impacts break. We'll also hone in on identifying low and high straight putts to avoid misreading the direction of your putts. We'll also go over the importance of water flow and high and low anchors.

  • Putting Stroke Lesson: Lesson will focus on the putting stroke as a whole, including face angle at impact, putter path, and setup/ball position. I have created a unique way to understand which arm/hand controls the putting stroke and how to maximize this knowledge. Using the Capto Data Collector and Analyzer, we will create a consistent putting stroke that will hold up under pressure.


2-Hour Comprehensive Green Reading Lesson $300

In this lesson you will become an expert green reader, understanding slope and break and how to use it in real time on the course with confidence.

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