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Putting Philosophy

My putting philosophy is simple: Success on the green is not just about the putting stroke itself, but about creating a consistent process that prepares you to make every putt with confidence and without hesitation.


My approach to teaching putting is different from most instructors. To me, the putting stroke is the final piece, not the only piece.


In fact, I'm able to help my students save strokes and lower their scores immediately with minimal change to their actual putting stroke


If your goal is to shoot lower scores, then we should be spending most of our time on the putting green, learning more than just how to hit a putt! We need to focus on all aspects of putting: a properly fit putter, green reading, aim, ball position, tempo, and a putting stroke to consistently get the putter face square at impact. 


Having spent the majority of the last 20 years as a professional caddy at Bandon Dunes, I have read more putts and seen more putting strokes than most people will in their lifetime.


What I’ve learned over that time is that you don’t have to have the perfect putting stroke to be a good putter. 

You do, however, have to have equipment that fits you and have an understanding of how to:

  • Read greens

  • Start your ball on your intended line

  • Control distance

  • Create a process where you always believe you are a good putter


I have a proven method to accomplish this, and it starts before you ever get to the green.

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